WD my Passport for Mac data retrieval problems

I was using my passport to back up my MacBook Pro until the MacBook died. I have just purchased an iMac to which I attached the my passport drive. The drive shows up on my desktop and I can open up the window that shows the data that was backed up from my old MacBook, however, I cannot find a way to retrieve the data. I expected to find something that said ‘Recover Data’ or something similar, but I can find no indication as to how to perform the recovery.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


 What program did you used to backup your data?

If it was the time machine backup, you will need to use the same software to retrieve the files.

Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner after you replied so quickly, but I have been gone over the Christmas holiday and have only just returned.

Anyway, I used time machine to back up to My Passport for Mac and I am trying to use time machine to retrieve my data.

Since my old MacBook Pro died, I purchased a new iMac that has the latest  operating sysytem (Yosemite OS 10.10.1) loaded  and I am still trying to navigate my way through the new OS.

However, through more investigation I have found a way to retrieve individual items from the back up disc to my desktop, but as you can from the attached screen shot, I am unable to open the individual apps to retrieve my data.

My old macbook was running Mavericks OS and the iPhoto and iTunes apps were of an earlier version than the ones I now have on the iMac. Since my main concern is retrieving my old photographs and my collection of music from the backup disc, this is very frustrating.

Notice that the screen shot seems to indicate that it is the apps on the new iMac that need updating, this is obviously not the case since they are later versions of the apps.

Unless you have some magical answer, I suspect now that the apple community may be a more appropriate place than the WD community for me to be plying these questions. It seems that my problems may be OS to OS related rather than being a retrieval issue.