WD My Passport Essential USB 3.0 is not compatible with Xenon DVD Player 655?


I was trying to watch the movies stored in My Passport using my Xenon DVD player but unfortunately, it is not recognized. What will I do?:cry:

Any help would be highly appreciated.



one reason it might not work is the file system

must media players need the drive to formatted on FAT32

if that’s not the case it could be a power issue…

Check the data manual that came with  your player. If you lost it?  Go to their site and download a manual.  The passport dirve is a backup device (not a typical hard drive)  If you have Windows Vista; or Windows 7 you don’t need a player.  Copy your movie to the internal hard drive and then play it.  Players will soon be history, with these new internet apps and TV screens.  You might want to look into these alternatives as well. If windows can’t play your movie,  tranform  into another format.