WD My passport Essential SE not detect

hi , yesterday i am working on my WD drive on laptop. after some time i need to pull up my laptop table to bed. and i forgot to remove WD drive. It nothing to haapen to drive but it disconnected from laptop and never connect again to any system or laptop. adding one thing the white light og WD drive is on while cable plug in but  not popup or connected . i also check it from device manager but it do’est show.

Thank u very much

Also check on the disk management window.


hi, problem still not resolved.

external HD not detected at any OS.

please help me out this problem.

disk management shows the drive? or not?

no it does’nt show the drive. but drive led is on when i attached to pc or laptop.

OK, led is on. if you put your ear to it what do you hear from the inside?

spinning? clicking? buzzing? beeping? silent?

I have the Same problem. But My Disc Management has been detected the drive and it’s showing unallocated size. I tried to do intialize the driver with Master Boot Requset but it’s commanding - “The request cannot be done due to I/O device error” 

Please help me in this regard. I want to recover my datas. 

only one time i listen sound clicking but not now.

thx for answer.

u think is it Disc issue? but the drive never fell down or hardly touch to anything.