WD My Passport Essential SE 1TB - BAD PCB

So… I’ve bought this drive almost 3 yeas ago and it finally hit me. After plugging it in my laptop only see “BAD PCB” and no blue light but the drive is spinning. When I attach it to different machine I got “WD BAD PCB USB Device” with blue light and spinning discs but still - no access do the data. I’m quite annoyed by the issue because I cannot return the drive (out of warranty) and brilliant WD doesn’t let you recover the data easily!
Any solutions or suggestion how to get data out of the drive without very expensive profesional recovery?!

Have you checked the drive status under disk management or device manager?

Also try diff cables.

yup - it was unavailable or not correct (don’t remember exactly). I’ve tried another cable/different ports - same results.

Weird thing - today after connecting it to the desktop it seems to be working fine (thus I’m backing up as much as possible…)

So you are using the drive in a laptop. That would be the reason. Drive is not getting enough power from the laptop. Try buying a power booster cable for the drive. Passports depends on the usb cable for power and the laptop is a portable comp which produces little amount of electricity for the drive.

I’m using it with the lapton WITH external active hub (i.e. with propper,external power supply)!. Also - it did not worked with the regular desktop the other day as well…