WD my passport essential problem

Hello I bought one WD my passport essential 1TB to store my movies on and after I´ve bought it I saw that it was designed to secure and backup files. So I can put movies from my computer to this disc, but not play them on a dvd or usb compatible tv? I just have the USB 3.0 cable that came with the disc and my cause my TVs only support USB 2.0, they can´t find my HDD? I would really like a answer wether the disc is capable of playing movies directly from the HDD through a USB cable and which cable a will need for Samsung UE46B7050.

cheers Jonathan

The use of backup software is optional, you can use the drive to store any file you want manually.  In order to confirm if you can use this product with your TV I suggest you to contact the TV manufacturer, since there will be limitations regarding the size of the drive and file systems the TV supports.