WD My Passport Essential - Matt Finish

Hello WD.  I have been a long time customer and I often recommend your products to peers and companies alike.  That said, I would really like to see your company put forth a WD My Passport Essential with a Matt Finish instead of the highly scratchable shinny plastic that they currently have.  I have at least 5 of these portable drives and plan to buy lots more, but every single one of them I have ever purchased became scratched and worn looking within the first day of use.  I would love these drives so much more if your company considered applying a textured matt finish, maybe even something rubbery?  Basically any finish would be better than the current shinny plastic one.  It looks great for about 2 minutes, then it looks like someone pennied it.

For some reason I keep reluctantly buying these drives despite this severely annoying aesthetic flaw because I like WD but most importantly because I trust their build, integrity and reliability; but that said, every single time I get a new one I think to myself… This would be SOOOO much better if it just had a matt finish.  Such a small change for something that would make your drives so much more favorable in my eye.  A friend asked me the other day for advice on a hard drive purchase, and I recommended these drives but I felt responsible to mention this aesthetic flaw and show him my scratched up drives.  Ultimately, despite my good recommendation about their reliability, he chose another brand.

So please, please, please - consider my request and release the exact same WD My Passport Essential portable drive again that I have come to fully trust, but do so with a matt finish this time, and I promise you as a loyal customer that I will keep buying these drives forever without any discontent and recommend them to every single person who asks my advice on hard drive purchases for ever.

Thank you,


Idea approved and submitted for voting.