WD My passport Essential 500GB is not working in windows XP

my WD passport essential is not working since last two weeks. there was no physical damange …

I have connected to Windows XP and Linux Ubuntu. Both are not recognizing the file system though

the USB disk is getting detected by device manager.

I tried to recover the files using few recovery tools. But they are not able to recognize the filesystem.

I guess the default file system is FAT32.

Another suprising thing is the size of disk is shown as 2TB by these recovery tools.

Anyone experienced this ? any suggestions ?

I’m confused in here, but since you’re posting on the Mac section then I’d dare to say you were using the drive with OSX before moving to XP, if that is the case then XP won’t see the drive since XP doesn’t support HFS+ (It has to be HFS+ if it was working on your Mac since recent Essential drives no longer come FAT32).

I am sorry… I thought there is single community for all.

I am using my passport on XP only. Thanks for your reply.