WD My Passport Essential (500 GB) reboots my PC


Three days ago I bought the above mentioned external harddrive. Since then my pc reboots from time to time, I can’t identifiy a scheme.

Sometimes it crashes after half an hour, sometimes there’s no problem for ten. It just makes a “bleep”-sound and reboots. Windows-problem-remarks after every reboot (“severe crash”) always tells me that it might have been the firewall/anti-virus-software. Both are up to date and up and running, did not detect anything unusual or had any problems before.

I do not wish to install the external harddrive on another computer as to see the results, but as the problem occured after I installed the hard drive, it must have something to do with it.

Any suggestions? I’m running it on Windows XP and a rather new computer.

Thanks in advance.


H there, test the drive in a different computer and verify if the issue also occurs there, In order to determine what is the status of the drive, you can test it with Data Lifeguard Diagnostics and verify what is the result of the test, If any errors are found the software will try to repair them.  

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sirii, since you mention Windows XP as your Operating System on a new (Unformatted) computer, then perhaps you might obtain additional assistance from the following article:

Answer ID 3818: PC crashes with a blue screen (BSOD) when installing a WD external drive on a system running Sonic DLA.

The scenario described on the link applies to any Drive Letter Access (DLA) Software.


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Thanks for the answers, both of you.

It seems not be due to DLA, but thanks for the tip anyway Trancer.

I will try running it with the Data Lifeguard Diagnostics and see what happens.

For now I’ve actually just deinstalled the whole WD and removed every trace from my computer. It seems that this already solved the problem for now, but will keep testing for a few days.

If nothing helps, I’ll just have to return the hard drive.

But thanks for the quick answers!