WD - My Passport - Backup isn't full?

Hello everyone,

Before explaining my problem, forgive my bad english as it’s not my native language.

I’m having an issue with my “WD - My passport” while backuping some data.

While i’m doing a backup of a 5Go~ folder ( C:\users<folder_of_the_user_to_backup> ), everything goes well. But when the operation is finished, it shows that the backup weight 800Mo~

Does the process include some compression somewhere, but still, to go from 5Go to 800Mo is a lot.

I’m very sure i selected the right folder (the path isn’t complicated), as i selected the root of it.

Best regards

(i can provide screenshots if needed)

Hello ptitopo,

Did you check the backed up files inside 5Go~ folder ( C:\users<folder_of_the_user_to_backup> ) manually?

If you have used WD Backup, there may be some incompatible files which were not backed up and causing less storage backup data folder after the completion of the backup process. I would suggest checking the backed up files manually and refer below article to get more details about unsupported files with WD Backup.