WD My Passport and Sony Bravia--subtitles on downloaded films

Successfully downloaded US tv series, 13 episodes, and subtitle track-- all play well from WD My Passport to my PC using VLC. Video plays perfectly also from My Passport to Sony Bravia TV–BUT NO subtitles from My Passport to Sony Bravia TV. Yes, UT8 SUBTITLE SETTING; YES, TV screen shows subtitles. But subtitles do not play from My Passport to Bravia. Any suggestions appreciated. 

Have inserted.srt files before, successfully too, BTW; please help.

You should try the Sony Bravia Forums because that’s what the problem is.

The WD Passport is just a “Storage Device”

Media Playback of Video and Subtitles is handled by other Hardware / Sofware

ie.  Your PC with VLC  and your Sony Bravia

Just a quick search of the Sony Bravia forum … (i don’t know if this relates to your Model, since you did’nt provide that info)


P.S. i will request a mod to move this post to the Portable Drives forum … as this has nothing to do with the WDTV Media Player