WD My Passport 500GB Not Showing up in My Computer Windows 7

hi there

I have got my WD Hard Disk 500GB that does not show up on my computer at all. I plugged it in as usualy the light goes on laptop recognizes that something is plugged but it does not show anything on my computer.

I dont know what is wrong with it? please help.

you might need to initialize it first:

  1. Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools\Computer Management

  2. Storage -> Disk Management

  3. Looks for you drive in the lower section and rightclick on it where it says “Disk XX” (XX being the number of your drive windows assigned to it)

  4. Then select “Initialize Disk” like in the picture:

  1. Just continue clicking next/continue/ok till the window disappears.

  2. Check “My Computer” again

  3. if it still doesnt show up, rightclick on the part where it says “unallocated” and assign a new drive letter (“Change drive letters and paths”)

@ David64

Good advice mate.


Were you able to resolve your case?

If you are still having issues, make sure to test the drive on a different computer connecting the USB cable directly to the USB port on the back if is a desktop computer.