WD MY Passport 500GB - File System : Invalid

I have two of these drives plugged in and working fine, from what I can tell.

Problem is that when I run Paragon Hard Disk Manager (12) it lists both the external drive as:

Type: Primary
File system: Invalid
Root entries: 16
Sectors per boot: 8
Sectors per cluster: 8
Partition ID: 0x07 NTFS
NTFS version: 3.01
Volume size: 465.7 GB
Partition size: 465.7 GB
Active: No
Hidden: No

Drives are in red. I also noted that when I plugged one into a Win 7 laptop it also gave me a warning, drive listed in red etc. both are running fine, one is a warranty replacement. They are slightly different models, but are doing the same thing.  The old Partition Magic doesnt’ like them either. I figured it was the way they come partitioned from the factory as they both had WD bloatware on them.

Any Ideas? Windows XP disk manager doesn’t seem to have an issue with them.

Run a test using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics

Replace if errors come up

Well they both pass SMART tests if thats what you are alluding to,  this seems like a partition issue, not a drive issue.

Further details after drilling down in Paragon/EaseUS indicate a “geometry problem”, but offer no solution.

In this case write zeros with Data Lifeguard Diagnostics and then format the drive

Right,  and why would I do that and why that particular tool?

To get the partition back to square one

You can use other software if you want…