WD My Passport 320gig - Possible lost data.. Help Appreciated

Hello All,

My WD Passport 320gig is no longer recognizing the two partitions I had set up. My lap top and computer both recognize the WD SmartWare from the hard drive direct, but not the additional partition I had set up. Gutting, as I have lost a lot of data, and like a fool, did not back up (Never had enough space to back it up to).

I have used some partition managers to recover, but nothing from the search. I have tried to format, again, not able to as although it shows 320 gigs available, I am not able to access or load.

Light is on (harddrive) and no clicking noises… plus it does load the WD smartware, which makes me think nothing is wrong with the HD itself.

Any help would be welcome - Thanks for reading.

Did you install the ses driver?