WD My Passport 2TB not recognized for USB 3.0 speeds

Hi everyone, I recently bought a WD My Passport 2TB drive and updated the firmware and driver. I’m using Windows 7 on an Alienware laptop with 2 USB 3.0 ports and no matter which one I use I get the Windows message that the device could be faster if connected to a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed port. I’ve tested other drives and also different cables, the problem appears only for my drive.

Any ideas? Thanks.

What transfer speeds are you getting? Also check if you have the latest USB 3.0 drivers for your computer and the latest firmware installed for the passport. 

I already said my firmware and drivers were up to date, both for my laptop and wd drive. I have a transfer rate of about 24 MB/s.

24 MB/s. is a USB 2.0 transfer rate, try connecting the passport to another computer with USB 3.0 ports, you also need to connect the passport with the cables that came bundled. 

Out of the blue, I connect the drive to my laptop again and this time there was no Windows message… I did another test and I got 60 MB/s. Is that closer to USB 3.0 speeds?

I have yet to connect it to a different computer, I’ll also try a USB hub as well.

Yes that’s closer to actual USB 3.0 speed.