WD My Passport 2TB - Not accessible, not initialized

My 2TB WD Passport stopped working a while ago, and i took it to the pc guy and he says its screwed… he didnt have a look inside of the hard drive, just tried running recovery and he couldnt fid it at all. I thought i’d find some answers here anyway.

So when i go into disk management, it doesnt find the device in the list, but it does find it as ‘Disk 2’ underneath… yet no data or anything is found. or in this case ‘Not Initialized’ 
When i enter Disk Management, it asks me to initialize Disk 2 (WD Passport) but cannot do so, as there is an error… 

it isnt accessible in My Computer either. sometimes doesnt show up, sometimes it shows up as a local disk, but completely inaccessible, and usually crashes my Windows Explorer. 

Is there anything i can do to get it accessible, initialized or ANYTHING whatsoever. 

I feel it may be a device problem rather than a software problem, but its worth a shot to find some answers. 

thank you


What’s the error you get when you try to initialize the drive?

I have a hunch you could go on. I had done this before. 

Use a disk partitioning tool and create another partition at the very end of the drive, of a small size (say 100 or 200mb) that’s it. let if finish parititioning (doesn’t matter what format you use).

then see if your drive is recognized now.


My dad took it to a work colleague who fixes Hard drives, but couldnt fix this one. he passed it on, they took it apart and still have no luck. 
They can usualy recover hard drives that have this issue, but it just so happens to be that this time, bad luck struck and it’s ‘irrecoverable’

makes me slightly depressed to be honest

Does yours have the power/usb SS/All in One plug as opposed to the regular USB adapter?

I’m having the same exact issue


Yes. USB and power all in one USB plug.

My hard drive powered up and you could hear it working, but the tech geeks at BT say it’s completely gone. Can’t recover anything from it.
I’m still crossing my fingers, but it would cost about £500 to recover…

Best of luck to you!