WD My passport 1tb usb3.0 slow to respond and slow read/write speeds since mountain lion


I’ve been noticing a degradation of the performance of my wd my passport 1tb since I installed mountain lion on my new 13" macbook air

2 issues:

when copying files and trying to browse files in finder there is a log before the drive responds and refreshes finder or begins the transfer - this did not happen prior to mountain lion

the read/write speeds as tested by blackmagic disk speed test seem slow for usb 3.0 and are comparable to what I get if i connect my older wd mybook 1tb on usb2.0. i’m getting writes of 44.4 mb/s and reads of 32 mb/s

has anybody else experienced this?

my drive is formatted as ntfs and I’m accessing via tuxera ntfs v 2011

Not sure why there will be a difference with the new OS

have you tested on a different computer?

Keep in mind performance will be 2.0 on a Mac since 3.0 is not yet available for Mac, only firewire and thunderbolt

Hi Wizer 

thanks for your response - I will have to try it on another laptop to see how it compares - however just to confirm - new macbook airs do come with usb3.0 ports now