WD My passport 1TB - password no longer works and disk not accessible

Hi all, 

I am searching for help on my now locked WD passport 1TB, and I saw people has similar problems here.

I used to lock my WD passport for 1 year with same password and never changed it.

However, one day I tried to access my hard drive and the password suddenly dose not work. I am 100% sure my password is the same, since I never touch the setting. 

My questions are: 

 is there any solution that can solve this problem?

 I saw people said try uninstall Smartware / change cable / change computers, but none of them work to me. 

 Could any one suggest a solution?

 I am planning the worse situation already.

 If i format the disk with smartware, will I be able to retreive my data with some data recovery software?

Thank you in advance!!


Unfortunately there is no master password. We recommend to try reentering the passwords you regularly use.

Make sure to check if a password hint was sent to you have a better idea on what the password could be.

Check the following article for more information:

Setting up security to lock or unlock a WD external drive with WD SmartWare Version 1.6.x and earlier