WD My Passport 1TB on Windows 8 not working properly


I newly bought WD My Passport 1TB and in my notebook pc Windows 8 x64 installed. 

The problem; 1 minute later of connecting hard drive via USB Windows automatically removes the drive (from usb) and then reconnects it. I cannot use My Passport properly: need help on this issue.

Try downloading the SES drivers

try going to the USB root hub on the device manager and check if any of the ports shows an exclamation mark when the drive is connected

update the drivers to the USB port

Hi again,

I found that the problem is happening when WD Smartware program is running. Since I’ve stopped it I’m not getting any usb error. Is there a problem with WD Smartware while it’s running on windows 8?

I am having the same issue.  I just upgraded to Windows 8 and it won’t recognize my WD My Passport when I plug in the USB cord.  Can anyone help?  I’ve read on WD’s site to install something or other, but it warns of wiping out the drive and I don’t have any place to put the information stored on the drive.

For Some Reason My MyBook Was Doing The Same Thing And Over Endless Hours Of Search I Found A Solution

To My Problem Maybe It Will Work For You Go To Were Your Clock Is At And Right Click On It And Change The Date Back To - xx-xx-2012 Hope It Works Out For You