WD My Passport 1TB not picking up on Samsung Smart TV

Hi all,

My new passport 1TB isn’t being recognised when connected to my Samsung smart tv.  I’ve ensured that it’s formatted in FAT 32 and it works fine when connected to both a PC and Mac but isn’t detected when connected to my tv.

Can anyone offer any advice?


I believe this would be a power issue. The passport is not getting enough power to spin up so it is not detected. How many ports does the samsung tv have? If it has 2 ports try buying a power booster cable.

Hi there, 

Thanks for the prompt reply.  It does indeed have 2 USB connections.  It’s a Samsung UE40D6100 series.  Can you advise what type of power booster cable?  I’ve never heard of those.

Thanks again.

It’s a Y shaped cable so the 2 USB ports on TV provide power to the drive.


Thank you.  I’ve purchased this:


scottishsteveo did the power boost work?