WD My Passport 1TB is not accepting the password after it fell down

 It was working good until it fell from my hands from a height of approximately 1 meter. It was password protected and the password is : Masterin07. I connected it to my laptop to check whether it is working. When i connected it , it prompted me for the password , but when i entered the password , it showed : Invalid password. I entered the password more than a hundred times by removing and reconnecting it several times to the laptop but it goes on giving the same response : Invalid password. The password I am entering is correct and I am very sure about it because i applied it just a month ago and i have never changed it a single time since. And moreover , it did not prompted for a password earlier because I had enabled the Auto Unlock feature for my laptop. Please , i beg your help to fix the issue because i have a lot of important projects , images and crucial personal data stored on it. Please help me… :frowning:

I’ve got bad news for you. A drive that is dropped is usually physically damaged and beyond do it yourself fixes.


I’m sorry you’re going through this, but it’s possible the password is not accepted because of internal component damage due to the fall. Your best bet is a specialized data recovery center.