WD My passport 1 TB fell down, not spinning


I have a WD My Passport 1 TB hard drive. It fell down from 2 feet above the ground and since then the drive doesn’t spin on connecting to the computer.

The LED light blinks on and off continuously when it’s connected.

Also, the device manager recognizes a WD SES USB device, but doesn’t install the device drivers, not even from the internet.

How can I get my data recovered. Please help.


Prafulla Shahi.

Hard drives are really sensitive to physical damage, if it’s not recognized, there is not a lot you can do. Try going to the disk management window and see if you can format it from there. 


I should mention that on paying more attention, I found that a weird sound comes regularly from the HDD. Not very loud, so not easy to hear. But yes.

The drive is probably physically damaged and will most like require professional recovery which isn’t cheap. If you want to do that don’t do any more with the drive.


I’m just wondering why you’d want to format a physically damaged disk? A dropped disk should be sent to a recovery lab right away.