WD My passport 1 TB 2,5" reconnecting

My wd my passport drive is always reconnecting. I read abot this here, Its not only me who has the same problem, I bought a new 3.0 usb cable, and a new Y cable but still reconnecting. I thought you are a good company but now I am very disappointed, so I will apreciate some solution for my problem. thanks a lot

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I have the same problem, with a My Passport disk of 1TB that I bought yesterday.

I have a laptop: ASUS N73SV with 1 USB 3.0 port. 

Its working OK on USB 2.0 port, but reconnecting every minute and when copying even within a few seconds, when I connect it to a USB 3.0 port.

Please provide help.

hey, can u help me too?? my WD always reconecting when copying data or just idle…my laptop is Asus U36SD using Windows 7…

 I found my solution, I need to connect first the usb 2.0 for a power supply and wait while the disc start spinning and then I need to wait a few seconds before connect usb 3.0 cable for data, otherwise it will reconnect again. I am using a third party Y cable. If I am connecting the cables in the same time it won’t recognize the extra cable for power supply, that’s the problem. It works properly, but find the right point to connect is annoying…

I’m  having the same problem with my 1 TB drive, this is really annoying. My notebook is an ASUS n53sv with windows 7 64 bits

This might be a power issue,  I’ll recommend you to contact WD to see if they a power booster cable that you can use.