WD My Passport 0748 is not working in Windows Vista

   I have an external drive My Passport S/N [Deleted]… 500 GB and now

i obtained another My Passport            S/N  [Deleted]… 1TB.

   BOTH drives are working perfectly in a LAPTOP with Windows XP Professional.

In my LAPTOP with Windows Vista  SP2 , 32 bit and memory  (RAM)  2 GB  and Processor  2  GHZ  works   only   the  drive  of   500GB.

   When plug in the USB  2.0 port  ( I have not  USB 3.0)  the  1 TB  drive nothing happen and only the white light shows up continuous.

   In the  " DEVICE MANAGER " under  the  " OTHER DEVICES "  shows  " My Passport 0748 "  with the yellow sign

and when  " UPDATE DRIVER " the result  is that  " NO DRIVER FOUND ".


   In the  " STORAGE DRIVES MANAGER "  nothing shows.



Hello and welcome, 

Try downloading the SES drivers, check the link below.

WD SES driver download and instructions for recovering the WD SmartWare installer 

     Thank you Ichigo for your interest and help.  I installed the  SES Driver  and the  SmartWare but nothing happen.

  When I plug in the old  500 GB  drive in the  " Device Manager " :

And in the  " Storage :

 When unplug  the 500 GB  drive :

and  in the  " Storage "  :

  When i plug in  the  new  1 TB  drive :

and  in  the  : Storage "  :

  As you can see in the  " Device Manager " when plug in the new  1  TB  don’t appears the " WD drive Management device "  in which including  the  " WD SES Device " .

  Question :  It is possible to delete from the new  1  TB drive using the LapTop with the  Windows  XP  Pro  all the 

pro-installed  " WD Apps Setup.exe " , " WD Apps for Windows "  and  " Extras "  and copy  from the old  500  GB  drive  

" Extras ",  " WD Smartware ",  " autorun.inf " ,  " Virtual  CD Manager.exe " ,  " WD  SmartWare.exe " and paste them to the new  1  TB drive.

  Please if someone knows if i have that possibility without problems ?

  Thank you again and sorry  for  my problems.

Does that happen on another computer? And what if you swap the cables? You can use a Micro 2.0 cable on a 3.0 drive.


USB3.0Micro USB3.0Micro

If you ignore the “square”, the “flat” portion is a regular Micro 2.0 connetor, and those cables fit to force USB 2.0 mode as some computer can’t use legacy drivers to turn USB 3.0 drives into 2.0 drives automatically.

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  Thank you  ThePizzaMatrix  for  your  help.

 The  1  TB  new  drive is working  properly  in  another  LapTop  and in  a  Desktop  PC  both  with  Windows  XP  Pro.

  I  used  the  cable  from  my  old  500  GB  WD  My  Passport 070A  USB  Device  (USB  2.0)  in the  new  1  TB  drive  with  same  results  ( nothing  happen ).

  The  problem  still  exists and  I can’t  use till  today  my  new  device  from August  03  when I  obtained  that.

                     (SORRY  FOR  MY  ENGLISH )  

  Please,  maybe  there is  no solution  but  I  hope.