WD My Passport 0740 only showing up in Device Manager NOT My Computer or Disk Management


My WD My Passport 0740 USB powered hard drive that had been working (and that I backed up my dying computer’s data too) is now no longer showing up as a drive on any computer I have tried (up to 6 different computers now with various operating system from XP to 7).


I get Found New Hardware USB Mass Storage Device popup when first connecting it to a PC.

It doesn’t show up in disk management (as well as My computer):

I have tried updating the drivers through windows and also from dowloading the latest from the WD website.

I have tried uninstalling all the WD devices in Device Manager (see screen grab below showing the three categories that show up/install for the HDD i.e. Disk drives,USB controllers and WD drive management devices), unplugging the HD, restarting and then plugging back in.

The white LED light on the HD flashes while connected at about two flashes per second.

I have tried multiple cables.

The firmware will not update:


LifeGuard shows the following results:



I hope I have provided enough information but I can provide more if required.

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Try running a test with DLG, if the passport is not recognized it would appear to be faulty. 


Thanks. I had done that. You can see the Test completed successfully result in my first post. For some reason the second screen grab of DLG showing my drive did not post. I’ll try post it again below.

Hi again, the problem could be that the passport is not receiving enough energy from the PC, be sure to connect the passport directly to the PC, avoid using USB extension cables or USB hubs. 

Thanks but I have connected it directly with the orignal cable (short - about 6 inches). I have also tried at least two other cables of a similar size. Any other ideas?

What other information can I provide that may allow someone to identify the problem for me?

As a last resort, does anyone have a recommendation of professional data recoverers in Australia?

DLG mod.jpg

Has anyone come across any more information on this issue?

If not, can anyone recommend a good and reputable HD data recovery company in Australia?