WD My Pass Ultra won't load on MacAir mid 11 (el Capitan)

Hi all,

I am in a terrible position at the moment. I left my MacAir to complete a back up on my Passport Ultra, while also copying over the Photo’s file. I figured it will take long, so while the laptop was connected to the power plug I let the entire set up go overnight. In the morning, I logged in and the hard drive was no where to be find. The backup never completed.

Disk Utility: Will not load, while the external drive is connected, not showing internal or external drive
Finder: doesn’t show anything either
WD Disk Manager: shows the drive, but the 2nd test gets stuck at 90%

I plugged the drive into my friend’s Mac, and I had no response either. The light’s on, it seems to be spinning but I can’t do anything…

Please advise if you have any suggestions. I contacted WD Support yesterday, and they were utterly useless telling me that the drive would be replaced but for data recovery I have to go somewhere else. Well, your bloody faulty sensitive product that’s designed for portability just messed up. So I have to ask the community for any helpful suggestions please for data recovery?


If you had to log in, then your computer went to sleep or restarted in the middle of the process. That could have affected your hard drive’s integrity if the copy process was in a crucial stage.

I’d recommend contacting a professional data recovery service company.

On the other hand, if you were backing up (Copying) your files then why is data recovery needed? Your original files should still be within your computer.