WD My Net N900

Hello community,

  I have a My Net N900 and i have a problem i thought i might be able to get help here with this issue.

Um i  think that there is a bug in the router while the Modem is in bridge mode,because for some reason i having trouble reaching  certant web sites,such as Tiger Direct,Newegg,Yahoo and some various others.This only occures when the the modem is in bridge mode.

I have infact contacted WD about the problem,myself and WD find it strange.They have me on call back for monday.

My setup:

Speed stream 4300 modem (New)

WD My Net N900  (New replacement as of 8/11/2012)

Windows 7 64bit

Ok i have reset IE9 settings and did a factory restore on the modem and router.I have a DHCP researved for each device i own.I do have PPPoE connection and it set up correctly.I have also tried to Change to Level 3 DNS.However it is not a ISP problem Because i can un bridge the modem and everthing works as it should.Yes the latest Firmware is installed.

The router is pretty decent in my book,I believe there just might be a bug in the firmware.Does anyone have any suggestions? 

I did forget to mention,that i bought this router to replace a Netgear WNDR 4000 which i didn’t have any problems while i was in bridge mode with that paticular router.

I have Also lowerd my MTU settings,with no luck i have adjusted them back to 1492

After reading some other post,I can clearly see that WD firmware has some issues with speed stream modems or PPPoE type connections.

Hello WD community,

 I have called WD again today,and I believe my issue has been resolved.

It appears all I had to do was disable Fast Track QOS,I find that a bit strange but it worked. I am not using Fast Track QOS, and don’t really understand why it was needed to be disabled?I have never had to disable QOS in a router because of it causing problems with my Network.

 I still believe the router is a great piece of hardware,and will continue to use.

One of the real reasons I bought this router was its name (Western Digital),I thought it would be a great investment in my Network.Western Digital has always made quality products and they are always  reliable.As if now everything is working properly and will  update this thread if anything changes.