WD My Net AC Bridge wi-fi Vulnerability

Given the concern for wi-fi vulnerability to Krack, I would inquire if anyone has any knowledge of whether My Net AC Bridge and devices, e.g., laptops, connected via the Bridge are vulnerable to Krack and are there patches or new firmware to protect this issue?


I have one of these connected within my home network. Considering how it is connected, I see no potential problem. My Bridge connects to the home 5G wifi and its output is to ethernet port on back which is connected to the wired input ethernet port on a WDTV. It is NOT directly connected to the internet at all. If this device was vulnerable, everything in the house connected to router would be! The router is an Asus, and has a firewall, etc, so nothing is vulnerable.

As for firmware, there was only one release of FW, and I have a copy on this PC. The file name is My_Net_AC_Wi-Fi_Bridge_1.02.01.bin
Google to find a copy somewhere.

To clarify how ours is set up and why I was concerned. I have a main computer with Netgear router that provides 5 G wi-fi for house. We have a laptop in back bedroom that would not connect directly to wi-fi, so I put in the My Net AC which picks up the wi-fi and then via hard cable provides connection to laptop. Thus our laptop accesses internet via wired cable and wi-fi from Netgear. Does that change your perception of the issue? thanks

Not at all You are doing exactly what I am doing except you are feeding output to PC, and I am feeding to a WDTV.

You would be better off using a Range Extender. I have TWO discontinued/closed-out WD My Net Range Extenders to get both 2.4G and 5G to the fringe areas of the house and they do the job fine. They were new and cheap and can be found via a Google search.

The My Net line failed big time in marketplace, but they were good devices. Poor marketing on WD’s part. Their loss; our gain! The line got dumped at ridiculously low prices.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding how the Krack works. I understood that if someone was near enough to pick up your wi-fi signal, they could use Krack to access any information being carried via that wi-fi signal. Krack doesn’t give access to data on any computers but if you send credit card numbers, social security number or other sensitive personal information via that wi-fi signal, someone could access it.

Thus my concern - if we use the laptop and access a website and choose to provide a credit card #, it goes via the cable to the bridge and then via wi-fi back to the router and internet. Isn’t it possible using Krack to then obtain that date as it was transmitted over the wi-fi?

I am less concerned about this as you apparently are. Someone else needs to comment on Krack.