WD My Coud OS3 not avaliable via network, how can I get my data

My OS3 My cloud 2 TB plus WD elements 2 TB has been running smoothly since I installed it. suddenly I can’t reach it via IOS App - how can I get my Data from the drive to another NAS?

You will likely need to download and install a third party file manager app to your iOS device from the Apple app store. Android users are having to do the same thing since WD shut down OS3 support on April 15th.

The OS3 My Cloud mobile app no longer allows local or remote access to a OS3 My Cloud device. One has to use a third party file manager app to regain local network access to their OS3 My Cloud.

For computers one would use Mac Finder or Windows File Explorer to access a local network OS3 My cloud.



Do you own a WDMYCLOUD 1st generation?

or a WD Elements? If this try this sub-forum.
Latest WD External Drives/External Drives for PC topics - WD Community

WD Elements Portable

It’s a WDMYCLOUD 1st Gen.

for a short time it was actually accessible via Windows file explorer, but now that link is also down

Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard using a web browser on computer or mobile device that is connected to the same local network as the My Cloud?

How to Access the Dashboard on a My Cloud (single bay) Device

If you can and you still cannot see the My Cloud in the “Network” section of Windows File Explorer then check Windows to see if SMB1.0 is enabled. Also check that the Windows Network Profile for the active network connection is set to Private.

How to Enable SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support on Windows 10 and 11

Also one can “map” My Cloud Shares for easier access.

How to Map a My Cloud or NAS Device on Windows

How To Map a My Cloud or NAS Device on macOS

With WD ending OS3 support, and ending OS3 remote access using the OS3 MyCloud.com web portal, and ending access (both local and remote) using the OS3 My Cloud app for iOS/Android one will have to use third party file manager apps on their mobile device (iOS/Android) to regain local network access to their OS3 My Cloud device. Search the app store for your mobile device for a variety of free and paid “file manager” apps that support access to NAS devices like the OS3 My Cloud.


Can you suggest a ios app I could download?

I don’t have an iOS devices at the moment so I cannot offer a suggestion on a file manager app to use. If no one else comments with suggestions on iOS file manager apps, one can search the Apple app store for “file manager” to find a number of various apps. One can try using the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon top right) to see if anyone else on this user to user support site has indicated a iOS file manager app that they use.