WD my cloudy windows app keeps failing... Any alternatives which provides the full speed?

Hi I just received by WD my cloudy mirror 2nd generation and I am already starting to worry…

I want to transfer the data from by WD my book 4 TB to my cloud mirror 2nd generation.

The nas is connected to a ASUS AC68u router and the lights in the ethernet cable are both green. However, when I connect the transfer files from the computer the transfer speed is 11 mb/s.

When I transfer files using the WD desktop program the file transfer is faster: Around 60 mb/s but the program is awfully design!

I cannot select multiple folders and the program keeps failing with the following message:

“The following folder was not copied this can occur if the folder name was changed. Please Try again”

a warning why. Neither does it tell me how long each transfer is going to last or warn me when it finishes.

Is there another explorer (posibly made by the community) which offers more posibilities while making sure the data transfer is still made directly from the usb drive to the NAS?

thank a lot for any advice

You are not transferring at gigabit speeds or even USB3 speeds – you are transferring at USB 2 speeds. You need to figure out why this is so if you want faster transfers. Perhaps if you send files through your network instead of from USB connection. The problem is not the app, it is your setup.