WD My Cloud won’t recognize external drives connected via USB docking station

I got a USB3 HDD docking station Tooq TQDS-802. It works perfectly with my laptop and my hard drives (WD Green, WD Red).

However, I cannot connect them to WD My Cloud. The drives are not recognized although their format is the same as I used successfully with MyCloud before (OSX HFS+ case-sensitive, journaled).

Aren’t docking stations supported?

Yes docking stations are supported, but in certain instances the My Cloud isn’t properly recognizing or not properly mounting certain external USB hard drives and docking stations. I’ve experienced this issue in the past. There is previous discussion on some of these USB issues in other threads. In my case I had a Toshiba 1T external USB 3.0 hard drive that wouldn’t properly mount, the solution was to delete the partition on that Toshiba external hard drive, create a new one and then reformat the drive. I too had problems with a generic docking station not working with one particular hard drive (a Seagate 1T drive), yet worked fine with a WD Green 500GB hard drive when connected to the My Cloud.

Does the My Cloud indicate the docking station is attached but shows 0K via the USB icon within the My Cloud Dashboard? If so the My Cloud is seeing the drive but failing to mount it properly.

You can see some of my experiences with this particular USB issue in the following thread.


If I knew how to link to a previous post. I would link it to the post about how to display the autoMount.db file contents.
Those select statements will display what USB devices are seen by the MC.


I assume you mean this post: :wink:

One can get the link to a prior post by right clicking on the date/time in the post (on the right side of the post) and copying the link.

No USB devices are found according to the control panel. The drives are not mounted according to
df -h

List of USB devices shows the USB3 hub:

root@WDMyCloud root # cat /sys/bus/usb/devices/*/product
USB2.0 Hub
EHCI Host Controller
xHCI Host Controller
xHCI Host Controller

What you want to look at is the autoMount.db database when the USB devices are connected. Use the devices.sh script described above.


Thanks. I’ll try to remember this for the future.


The problem is I do not have /var/local/autoMount/autoMount.db file. My firmware is different: 2.11.133