WD My Cloud & Windows XP issue

I’ve got My Cloud working, but it seems it isn’t compatable with XP SP3 & WD Smartware.

When I run WD Smartware, it only shows Dropbox as the availible drive.

Works correctly on Windows 7.

Is there a fix for this?

Seems the WD Smartware Pro works but not the WD Smartware?

I can’t believe it!

Will I have to buy it to use my backup?

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

Support by Country

I did contact them before posting anything.

They said the software was not compatible with XP.

Basic I was on my own to find an answer, thus the forum.

I have gotten the backup to work though…



Actually Smartware (according to the support person on the phone), isn’t compatable with XP SP3.

But I have it working now.

(I also found a statement on WD’s site that said Smartware was on for windows 7 & higher version, NOT XP)

So I un-installed Smartware, then re-installed it.

I got a message that I was intitled to an upgrade to the Pro version.

I signed up, got the Pro working, then the software finished the back-up.

All in All:

I found it to be a very frustrating device to install & get working properly…

I has taken me 3 days and 36 hours to accomplish a system backup (and I know computers & software very well… I’ve been using them since 1989 and writing software).

I was on the phone with WD Support 4-5 times, and finally was told to “un-install the software and re-install it”.

I did as instucted and it solved all the problems.

Apparently the standard version was “stuck in limbo”, and the un-install wiped out the problem.

My conclusion:

This My Cloud “Adventure” was the most painful process I’ve incountered since window 3.1 !!!

And Now I have to find out how to do a SYSTEM BACKUP (which wasn’t included in the regular backup).

The system is working now, but if people don’t have lots of time to search & fix the installation problem with XP, they may never get it to work…

I wouldn’t recommend XP user’s to buy this product, but will says once they get it working, it should go smoothly.


Smartware (either version) can’t do a full system back-up. By design it will always ignore the system files, it’s only designed to back up user files/data.

To do the system back up you’ll need another product, although XP’s built-in backup software is fine for that (I have an old XP system on my network still, on which I have Smartware Pro backing up data and I occasionally do a full Windows backup to with my MyCloud Mirror as the target).

As an aside on that topic, I know Windows 7’s version of backup can’t use the NAS drive as a target for the backup (I can’t remember if XP’s can or not). But if you do need to do that (call me old fashioned, but I keep a secondary back-up of all my XP and Win7 machines in addition to the Smartware continuous data backup), then using a VHD is a simple way to do it (details of how to do that are here, with the VHD file mounted and used as the backup target, with the file itself stored on the NAS drive).

I am having the same issue with XP. I am able to download smartware, but unable to open it. It begins to open and the icon remains on the center of the screen until I stop the process. I un-installed the s/w and the installer and then downloaded the installer and re-installed the smartware s/w per your suggestion. Same problem. Also, the quick view icon does nothing when I right or left click on it.

Hi Dansmark,

Can you advise how to use it in Windows XP SP3?
As I’m Windows XP user as well, thank you:-)


I just want to know the method to install My Cloud Desktop App

In case anyone checks this, here is what i did.

Setup a share on the cloud device and associated to a new user
Installed Genie Timeline free backup
Select the directories i wanted to backup
Mapped a network drive share \device ip\share to a drive letter in XP
Provide login credentials for user of this share when prompted by XP.
Once mapping is complete, pointed the Genie Timeline software to copy data to mapped drive letter
Ran Genie timeline backup and next thing i know, the data is being backed up to the share from XP.
The share now reads 632MB up from original 12k.