WD My Cloud vs. WD Tv Live playback problems

I bought a WD My Cloud 3T to replace my old WD My Book World for storing films to be played back using a WD Tv Live player.

So far it has been giving me playback problems, booth sound and picture studders from time to time.

The NAS and media player shares the same switch/router.

Strange thing if I go back to my old combination My Book Live and the same Tv Live playback works well?

Have anybody seen the same issue and could you fix it?




Another user was having the same issue. Take a look at this thread. Hope it helps


Yes I have had al look at the thread but as far as I understand the solution is to playback using low resolution mkw’s. Sorry for not understanding that it’s a viable fix?

My issue persists old World Book with TV Live is working

New My Cloud with TV Live is not

That’s interesting. Are you positive you don’t have issues playing the same files with your MyBook?  I have recently begun to notice stuttering issues during playback of my videos to my WDTV Live but I have no other NAS to benchmark against.

I have been digging a bit more into the problem.

The stutter seems releated to file size or maybe bandwidth.

Smaller mediafiles (mp4’s) < 1G playes without problems.

Larger mediafiles (mkw’s) > 2-4 G gives stutter.

However DVD’s converted to ISO plays without problems

#Pizza Maybe you can see if you see the same as I do regarding file sizes

#WDC I have opned a Support Case but still awaits an answer

I can answer this question.  The MyCloud has a firmware error that doesn’t allow it to properly stream VOB files or DVD/Blu Ray folders.  I have the exact problem using other media players.  The older MyBookLive works perfectly but the new MyCloud results in stuttering.

Western Digital told me to covert all my media to MKVs.  I’m not happy with that answer, obviously, but it could be done and it doesn’t have to be less quality.

The issue isn’t with the quality/framerate/etc.  It is simply that WD MyCloud will not stream media properly.