WD My Cloud v3.x, v4.x and v2.x Firmware Versions Download Links

Bumped with latest v2.x firmware link now that its been officially posted.

OP post updated with Firmware Release 04.04.04-101 and Firmware Release 2.21.119 release notes and firmware links.

OP post updated with firmware release 04.04.05-101 (12/13/2016) and GPL source 04.04.03-113.

OP post updated with firmware release 2.21.126 (12/13/2016) and GPL source 2.21.119.

OP post updated with firmware release 2.30.165 and 4.05.00-313 for the single bay My Cloud units. To discuss those firmware’s please see their respective firmware discussion threads here and here so as not to clutter up this thread.

OP post also includes updated GPL for v2.x firmware.

OP post updated with information on how to possibly downgrade firmware on second gen v2.x single bay My Cloud units.

How to downgrade to earlier firmware (v2.x)

It has been reported that if one follows the steps below they can downgrade the firmware on a 2nd gen v2.x firmware single bay/single drive My Cloud. Proceed at your own risk!!!

  1. Download the v2.x firmware version that you want to downgrade from the links above.
  2. Open web browser, navigate to My Cloud Dashboard (http://wdmycloud/ or http://wdmycloud.local). If needed, log into the My Cloud Dashboard.
  3. On the Dashboard, select Settings > Firmware Update.
  4. Set “Enable Auto Update” to “OFF”. This will prevent the My Cloud from automatically updating to a newer firmware version post downgrade to earlier firmware.
  5. Under “Manual Update,” click the “Update from File” button/link.
  6. Browse to the directory where where previous single bay/single drive v2.x firmware was downloaded. Select the firmware image file (.bin), then select the “Open” button/link.
  7. Follow the additional onscreen dialog messages (if any) when prompted to install the firmware file.
  8. When the firmware has been installed the My Cloud should reboot with the older firmware version installed and listed on the My Cloud Dashboard.

Note: If there are any problems post firmware downgrade, perform a 40 second reset using the reset button on the back of the My Cloud. Sometimes this can clear up certain issues that occur post firmware install.

Does this process work on a Gen1 or Gen2 MyCloud?

That might work for 2nd gen v2.x firmware single bay My Clouds. Fox_exe previously posted a method to unbrick a 2nd gen single bay My Cloud using USB: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_6OlQ_H0PxVQVhnLVJOdDZISUU/view

Dear all,

Where can I check my actual firmware version??

one way to check the firmware version is by accessing the My Cloud Dashboard. The firmware version is listed/displayed on the Main home screen.


I was able in the past to go to fox_exe’s site. But lately it either spins trying to access the site or I get a message that the site is a security problem.

But I’m not connected to the same network as my device. Actually, we are in different continents.

You can not login to your My Cloud dashboard remotely with a standard My Cloud setup.

You may have to wait till you are connected to your local network in order to check the Dashboard. WD has configured the Dashboard to reject access from outside the local area network.

Downloaded the recovery files and copied the boot directory to a usb that was formated fat32. When
I booted the My Cloud it would not boot from the USB. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’m able to
enter the barebox loader , list the commands. But no commands for usb.

Barebox? If you look at the GPL source it has the code for barebox. I have a gen1. Yes barebox-2017.04.0
says that it can handle USB booting. But the barebox on the gen1 is barebox-2011.06.0. The link you posted
is to a version almost 6 years newer. The gen1 version of barebox does not have a usb command or a detect
command. By the way I did do a quick search and found the link you posted.
You are posting on the single bay My Cloud community. But you don’t have a gen1 My cloud. You have a pr2100.

I stated you had a pr2100 because you have responded on this forum to pr2100 questions. You also stated that you didn’t have a single bay my cloud. I didn’t state the version of barebox because there is only one version used on
the gen1 my cloud.

I didn’t realize knowing two things about barebox indicated that I know so much. If I had all the answers why would I even be on this forum? Since you have a problem with my questions. Just don’t respond to them any more.

Indeed it is.

And the details are that this subforum is for gen1 and gen2 single bay MyCloud devices.

The gen1/v4 firmware device is significantly different to the gen2/v2 devices.

WD did at least make a fairly sensible decision to make all hardware variants running v2 firmware to be based on a core codebase (as far as I can tell), adding vertical integration features as needed. The gen1/v4 firmware is much more fragmented.

Discussions regarding the behaviour of the gen2 PR2100/4100 OS may have some relevance to the gen2 single bay MyCloud, but they aren’t relevant to the gen1/v4 single bay MyCloud.

The only Mac I own is a Mac SE20. The only iThing I own is an ipad2, bought for me to provide ‘technical support’. I can’t stand it.

You seemed to be making progress building the code. Maybe your time would be better spent concentrating on that.