WD My Cloud use in gun safe

I am looking to run a WD MyCloud in a gun safe. It will be running 24/7 with 3 security cameras writing down to it. The safe is 37.5 cubic ft and I wanted to be sure the heat generated during use would not overheat the unit. It is a 1100 lb safe, so I am not worried about them stealing the safe, but want to keep the evidence if someone does break into my house.
Any thoughts or alternatives would be greatly appreciated.

Many safes are not actually air tight. So running a My Cloud, by it self, in a large safe may not present a problem (heat wise) provided there is enough air circulation around the My Cloud enclosure. However if you run a Golden Rod in the gun safe for dehumidification purpose, no idea what that will do if the heat of the Golden Rod is combined with the heat from the My Cloud. It might raise the safe interior temperature enough that the My Cloud cannot properly dissipate heat from its hard drive.

Of course the safe, which some do, will need to have both a pass through RJ-45 Ethernet port in addition to pass through 120 volt power. If not then one is drilling holes in the safe to pass through power/network cables.

Edit to add: There are probably other metal security box’s or even smaller safes one can buy to secure a device like the WD My Cloud. One could drill holes for network/power access along with ventilation holes for air flow.