WD My Cloud urgent firmware issue

I bought a WD My Cloud 2 TB (SN: [Deleted]) and when I opened it’s web interface for the first time, it offered for me to upgrade to the latest firmware version: 3.04.01. I upgraded, then I started to copy my files into drive. After 2-3 hours of inactivity it disappeared on the network. I tried every way to wake it up: only unplugging it and turning back on again helped. I thought maybe it was an accident, and continued.

The same thing happened a second time. I decided to factory restore. I took about 4-5 hours to full factory reset.

I started to copy my data again. The same problem happened but this time during the copy. It disappeared from the network.

I tried to click the reset button for 4-5 seconds. Even holding it for 10 seconds didn’t start any soft reset. I tried to detach/attach the network cable. I restarted and factory reset my router. No success. 

There was only a still blue led light. No blinking or any another color light.

Now what should I do? It’s totally unacceptable. I can’t trust my data to this drive. What is problem?

I have not experienced this issue in particular, but I have had problems where the connected drive would dissappear from the MyCloud.  I even tried turning on FTP and transferring that way.  I was able to transfer 3TB then after a while the MyCloud reported that the drive was removed.  For a test, would you mind turning on FTP and try copying that way.  The FTP credentials would be the same as your admin login.

Thank you for your answer, but I don’t want just any solution. This is real problem that makes me think about my decision. I think it was just money waste. And this NAS is not working properly at all. I need aouthoritive answer or solution. I really totaly changed my opinion about WD products from positive to negative

It is recommended to give a fixed IP address to the NAS. Best way to do that is from the router UI. This methode is simpler to execute and will resist resets/restores of the NAS if ever needed.

Another ways is through the NAS UI as described by the user manual (in this case, select an IP address outside of the DHCP range of the router, to avoid any conflict – some routers have issues with this).

Also, when you upload a lot of content on the NAS, there is a lof of indexing, scanning, thumbnailing going on, so the NAS will be come sluggish. With GBs of content, the indexing can take several hours. In particular, if you attach a USB drive with content, it is even slower as both the content of the USB and the content on the NAS is indexed, etc.

After your firmware upgrade, do a single quick factory restore, reboot the disk and try again.

I already have static ip, and the problem has nothing to do with static ip. Even resetting using button didn’t work when it stuck

tural wrote:

I already have static ip, and the problem has nothing to do with static ip.

Ah OK. How do you know? I am just curious.

I dont understand your question. What how do I know?

You keep posting template answers to all comunity members, ban who has real problem. What is that? You make reputation of WD lower and lower. No real solution here. Nearly all members have similiar problems with this hardware. Why don’t you fix it?

Sorry there is a misunderstanding. I am a user just like you. It reads like the “you” of your posting is referring to somebody else.

You stated you knew your problem had nothing with static IP settings, and I was wondering how you determined that.

Maybe you have run some tests, or Linux commands to ascertain that your IP settings were not in the way of keeping your NAS connected. If so, it would be great if you shared your knowledge with this community.

When the NAS disconnects, many users have reported solving it with various tricks. Many report that assigning a fixed IP address to the NAS that is outside of the DHCP range of the router would, against all odds, since routers shouldn’t care, solve the issue. Other user report that increasing the IP release delay in the router also solves (temporarily?) issues. Finally, some users report that the above tricks don’t help them.

You might be better served by contacting WD support directly, as this is a user to user forum, with anecdotal participation from WD employees.

Good luck!

I don’t want to set cronjob and make my nas everytime awake. It will end up with short lifetime of nas. I just want to get it work as descripted on box. There is something wrong with firmware. it stucks at random times.