WD My Cloud Unable to access after 5 minutes, network is good

I had this drive for 5 years
The drive is accessible for only 5 minutes, then it slows down until unable to access it.
It’s still pingable but unable to ssh, unable to map drive or access in finder in MAC.
i have spend 3 hours of research but it’s not matching my issue.

The only way I can set my device is to press Esc to stop the “initializing device” and then set up my settings. then after 5 minutes its slows down, i reboot the device and start again.

Is this logic board issue? or a hardrive issue? from what it sounds like a powerboard issue.

Can I but the power board and replace and will this help my issue?

Any help will be awesome!

Device Current Version WDMyCloud v04.05.00-342