WD My Cloud turns "off" or hiberates daily...No access unless unplug and plug back in. HELP!

Good evening,

I have a Asus RT 66U router along with a Seagate External Hard Drive.  The WD my Cloud turns off about every other hour.  When I click the WD MyCloud Dashboard shortcut on my desktop I get “no data received” when it tries to open the dashbaord.  I have to go and unplug the WD MyCloud and plug it back in to make it work.  I repeat this daily.  After waiting a minute or two the  system works flawlessly.

I have a Mac computer if that matters.

I have made sure the “sleep” feature is turned off in the settings section.

Please help me as soon as your can.  I like the concept of the My Cloud but it seems to be rather “buggy”

Thank you!

when you say off, is it truley off or not reachable?

are any of the front or back lights on? if so what is the status of them?

if the lights are actually off I can only think of 2 things either a bad mycloud or bad power in the house or at least that outlet/circut.

if you have power issues in the house you really need a UPS. If not try moving it to a different location, hopefully a different circuit if you know how they are broken up.

Thank you for the reply Larry,

Sorry I probably used the wrong terminology.  The device is not off, just not accessible.   The best description I can give you is what the cable company tells you to do if your cable box is not performing correctly.  Unplug, wait 1 minute and plug the unit back in.

I have the WD My cloud plugged into a surge protector along with the router and modem and have no issues with the other equipment.

Any other ideas or suggestions?

Thank you for lending a hand!


I do have the green light on the back blinking where the cat5 cable connects.

What are the other lights doing? there is 1 in front and 2 in back.

I am not sure exactly what that shorcut is. Try using a web browser and going to http://mycloud/ui or better yet substitute the IP address for the name.

do you have a static IP address assigned or DHCP?

Thank you again Larry,

I will be back to the my home office this afternoon.  I will be able to answer your questions better at that time.  In the meantime if you could define static IP address and DHCP for me I would appreicate it.

I will find whatever you need me to…I need this to work so I have piece of mind the unit will work when I am not at home in case remote access is necessary.

I just gave an explination here of course your values will be different. this probably not requried but will help stability

Good afternoon Larry,

My apologies for the delay.  The front of the unit has a solid blue light.  The back panel has two green lights next to the network cable connection.  The top green light flickers constantly with no real pattern.  The bottom green light is solid.

At this time while in my house I do not have access to MyCloud.  When I click the WD My Cloud Dashboard icon on my desktop teh screen says “No data received”.  Similar if I did not have access to the internet…which I do or I could not send this email!

Thank you again.  I will review your last email.


Good morning Larry,

I posted a new message titled…MyCloud times out after 5 to 10 minutes…

I posted snapshots of all screens on MyCloud in addtion to my router.

I hope this helps you diagnose my system!!

Thank you again,