WD My Cloud to WD My Book on another network?

Hi.  New to the forum.  I recently bought a WD My Cloud external HD to use as a network drive for my office.  A small office, 3 people.  It works great as a network drive.  Everything I could have asked for.

But at the same time I bought the My Cloud, I also bought a WD My Book.  My intention was to have the My Cloud HD at my office and use it as we are now, and to have the My Book at my house (my office and my house are not the same place) and use it to remotely backup the My Cloud HD at my office.  I got these both at Best Buy.  I spoke to the Geek Squad guy and he assured me that I could set these up to do this.  My first mistake was probably talking to the Geek Squad.  But anyways, does anyone know if it is possible to do this?

If this is not possible, does anyone at least know the easiest way to set up an automatic backup of the My Cloud to the My Book if I keep them both at the office and on the same network?

at the same location you can plug it into the mycloud and use the safepoint in the UI console.

remotly you could use wd2go.com to map the share(s) and then either just copy files or find a backup program (smartware will probably work but not sure) that will do it.

do you have fast enough connections at both locations?

I will look into this.  I’m a litlte concerned about the internet speed now that you mention it.  But there is only about 10GB of data to backup so I almost wonder if it wouldn’t really matter about the speed if I schedule it at a down time (late at night)?

Anyways, I will look into this.  Thanks for your input.