WD My Cloud Sync nur auf WD Festplatte


weiß jemand von euch/ihnen wie ich meine Daten nur auf meiner WD My Cloud speichere ohne dabei den Festplattenspeicher meiner Windowsfestplatte zu belasten?

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For english users here´s an update:

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is it possible to store my files without charging my windows hard disk?

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What does “charging my windows hard disk” mean?

The My Cloud device is a network attached storage device. You can copy data/files to the drive using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder. If one hasn’t read the My Cloud User Manual (https://support.wdc.com/product.aspx?ID=904) it is suggested one do so to learn about the My Cloud and its features.

Generally it is not recommended to install Windows or Mac programs/software to a network attached storage device like the My Cloud like one can do with additional hard drives attached or installed on a computer.

Generally when syncing data from one’s computer to the My Cloud they are copying files from one location to another with the desire to have both locations contain the same files/data.

Additional information can be found at the following WD links:




really, many thanks to you and for your answer.

I mean, is it possible to use WD My Cloud as a hard drive disk? So, if i have understood you in the right way, every data which is synchronised with the WD My Cloud device is already stored on the hard drive disk of windows (e.g.). So like 1 GB on My Cloud WD is like 1 GB on Windows C:/ ?

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Ps.: I would only like to know if it´s possible.


i found out that there is a different between WD acces and WD sync.

So please correct me: WD Sync is for a local hard disk drive access and WD access is for a https/ftp access via different computers?

Is it right?

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Please download and read the My Cloud User Manual (https://support.wdc.com/product.aspx?ID=904) which explains what the My Cloud is (a network attached storage device) and how to use and access it.

You can "map’ the local My Cloud unit to your computer where it will be treated as an attached storage device (not an attached hard drive like a USB hard drive). You can use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to copy files to the My Cloud drive.



Edit to add: The My Cloud software IS NOT needed for local network access to the single bay My Cloud unit (note the My Cloud Home is a different device). The WD Sync software will sync content from a folder(s) on your computer to the My Cloud so both folders contain the same information. WD Smartware and Apple Time Machine will backup your computer to the My Cloud device. Sync performs a different function than backup does.

The MyCloud is a NAS. It is not a simple hard drive, like you might plug into a SATA socket on a motherboard, or a USB socket. It is a network attached storage device; a computer in its own right, providing a file server function.

How you use that file server is up to you.; it can be a primary data store. It can be a backup data store. It can be used as a scheduled or real-time file sync store.

WD Sync is a program provided by WD to synchronise certain folders between your computer and the MyCloud NAS. File sync is a specific operation, and it may not be what you want.

I have never used WD Access, so I can’t help with what it does. My understanding is that it is mostly to help find a MyCloud on the network. If your network is set up correctly, you should not need to do this…

For access to the MyCloud within your local network, you don’t need any WD software. You can just access the file server on the MyCloud, or map it into your computer’s file system.

You can use any third party software you like to back up your computers to the MyCloud, or to perform file sync between computers and MyCloud.

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Many thanks to you!