WD My Cloud Streaming to Samsung 50" TV

I’ve been googling for what seems like forever. I just got in a new Samsung 50" TV and I’m trying to figure out how I can stream movies, pictures, etc to the [Deleted - Trancer] thing.

I’ve gone to the “Music, Videos, and Pictures” section in the Samsung Media Hub menu and my WD Cloud box actually shows up. However, the minute I try to browse down to a folder or something, I get a message on the TV stating:

"Device disconnected.

Device name: "

This is extremely annoying. I have no idea if it’s the TV or the actual WD cloud box itself.

Can anyone please provide some assistance with this issue? Getting ready to lose it >_<

EDIT: Nevermind. I just hooked up my Sony TV side by side with the Samsung TV and Sony is able to load movies from the WD box perfectly fine. It’s clearly this [Deleted - Trancer] Samsung TV and this Allshare [Deleted - Trancer].

If anyone else cares to see the response that I’ve received from Samsung regarding this issue:

: I am afraid to inform you, Samsung does not support streaming from NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices. Third party software may allow this, however it is not supported by Samsung.

: Although there are many DLNA certified programs available for use and Samsung does not discourage anyone from using other DLNA software we only support and guarantee functionality with Samsungs Link software.

Hi altjx, thank you for sharing and sorry to hear you had problems with the Samsung TV be sure you have the latest firmware update always installed in case they release a fix.