WD my cloud solid red Led

i have a problem with my wd my cloud 6 Tera, friday 28 Des 2018 error, can’t access from all pc. after i try to reset, it can be use ( standby for 3 hour ) after that i need to copy data to this thing,but error happend, and than i cant access anymore until now with led is red solid colour, i was try to change LAN cable, another plug electrical, try a hundred reset 4s and 40s but still cannot access. including dashboard.

how i can fix it? anyone has same trouble with me like this before? please share your solution
Arunz form Indonesia

@arunz46 Have you looked at the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud? How long have you owned this My Cloud device? It may be time for a new device.

@cat0w i’ve lost it ( user manual) because it was 2 years i’ve owned this device, look if i want a new device i will not ask in here,because the data is very important, so i need solution not an advice like this bro

@arunz46 I gave you a link where you can look at both the User Manual for a 1st generation and a 2nd generation My Cloud. The User Manuals may provide the solution.

You may want to look at this list of possible problems that cause the solid red LED. This list was found by searching the Knowledge Base!

ok thanks bro,but no alert i can find in the list, i am not use ups, volume still 50 % etc. my device is find before error, it happend suddenly. thanks for your advice bro