Wd my cloud slideshow not available

I have a live book duo, iPad Air 2 and wd my cloud app. All versions are current. Is there a way to run a slideshow? I don’t see that it is available even though the documentation indicates that it is. I also tried wd photos, it only supports photos in the public folder… Defeats the purpose of multiple folders for different users and security… So right now I can’t do a slideshow. Note, slideshow works great on my Android devices with wd my cloud.


Welcome to the WD Community.

Currently, with the WD My Cloud app you wont be able to run an slideshow with your photos. However, you can use the WD Photo app that will allow you run an slideshow.

See page 95,96 of the user manual for information about WD Photos.


WD photo is limited to only displaying photos in the public folder. That defeats the purpose of having different private folders. Moving all of your photos to the public folder also comprises the security of the system. It just seems strange to me that WD photo can’t navigate like WD2GO or WD my cloud to a folder and do a slideshow of the contents. The Android version of the WD my cloud app has the ability to do sideshows on any folder. When will the IOS version catch up?