WD my cloud Sleepmode

Hi everyone! so i just got my new Nas yesterday and i really like it. One thing that is kinda strange for me tho is that i have it setup like this as a network map in my computer


But… What i dont like is when my new my cloud goes into sleep mode it will start itself whenever i open any folder in my computer? i could open like dokuments and it starts my NAS? isn’t it possible to change so it only wakes up when i actually open one of the NAS folders? David / Media

Would love some help on this 

// David

No, that’s just the way Windows does it.

If you were to take a network capture from Windows, you’d see it accessing your NAS.   The NAS is just doing what it’s told.

If you’ve configured Windows Explorer (thru the Layout options) to display the Navigation Pane, it’s probably waking up your NAS just to update the status in the network browser.  You might try disabling that:

With the menu bar displayed, click Oganize, Layout, and disable Navitation Pane