WD My cloud- Shares all become READ only?

2 days ago 09/03/2014  I noticed all my FTP automatic backups started to fail all of a sudden, after testing it turned out that all my SHARES are read only now?  even the public shares? 

I cant even reset the shares no matter what, READ only always come back even after resetting. 

I rebooted, no use, I have the lateset  v4.0 firmware

Please help - 

no idea what could have happened.

The only fix I know of is a system only restore which will remove all the users, reset admin to no password and all shares to public. it will not remove shares or data. then re-create your users and permissions

Ahh Ok I will give it a try, thanks 

Hi Larry -

just curious the public shares on your My Cloud are folders/files read only?  

I tried resetting system only, the READ only is still on all my shares and still unable to resset it back …

guess the last resrot is to reset back to factory default?