WD My Cloud Secure Redirection not working as expected

I have my HTTPS redirect set to ON.
Today I went to log on to my WD Cloud - and the redirection didn’t happen. Instead the login screen came up, unencrypted, expecting me to type in my admin password.

I went ahead and logged in locally this way, to see what’s up with the device.

Furthermore, when putting in https://mylocaldevicename I get an error in the browser:

If I turn this off, log back in, then back on, and log back in - it works.

I recently lost a disk - and I’m rebuilding the RAID currently.

Please advise why this behavior?

My device is on the latest revision: 5.20.113

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Why two topics?
What WD Device do you own? This sub-forum is for topics on the WDMYCOUD.

What second topic are you referring to?

My Cloud EX2.


Resize Metadisk Device without losing data - My Cloud OS 5 Personal & Network Attached Storage / My Cloud - WD Community

Have you read the User Manual for your device?

Well long story I bought the device when it had OS3, and there wasn’t any specific procedure in the manual to grow the volume and filesystem without creating a new one and essentially erasing everything.

I previously requested help about this a few years back, It appeared that the procedures mentioned in the group appeared to work, but ultimately reset the filesystem.

I could have reformatted everything and started over would have been faster than replacing each drive and waiting a week for the replication to complete, only to have it completely erased. Not sure at this point if it was something I did wrong or the instructions were wrong or growing the filesystem without erasing it was not a feature, which seems silly to me.

I’m hoping that the functionality in OS5 doesn’t erase everything.

I know how to do this through the shell and have done it dozens of times on servers at work. The metadisk functionality in Unix supports it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Wonder if a manual even exist for OS/5? (no- - -I have not bothered to even look)

The Linux in the OS/3 and OS/5 are cut down versions of Linux. . .so some functionality of a standard linux box are not there. . .

I think there should be a “raid expand” option in the raid configuration menus.
Normally, the procedure is:

  1. Replace drive #1 with larger drive
  2. Perform Raid restore which copies data from Drive #2 to Drive #1
  3. Replace drive #2 with larger drive
  4. Perform Raid restore which copies data from Drive #1 to Drive #2

Raid at this point is still the original volume size

  1. Perform “raid expand”

Hope this helps.
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My Cloud OS 5 Online User Manual

Yes - I see the Raid Expand option. Not sure if this is a destructive method or not. As mentioned before - I assumed in was non destructive and it turned out to be destructive.
Anyways - this is off topic. My original question is why the Secure redirection shuts itself off for no apparent reason even though the switch is on.

Reviewed instructions for OS5 - there’s no mention of expanding anything anywhere.

Yep - there’s no mention on whether the option in the array is destructive or non destructive. If you can find it - please let me know.

WD has the following Support Knowledge Base article that may or may not be relevant…

How to Upgrade the Drives on a My Cloud Device (RAID Expansion)

Is this what you own? Check out what is provided.

WD My Cloud Expert EX2 Ultra, WD Red NAS Hard Drive | Western Digital

Good point in the article about “Raid 1”; vs “Raid 0”.

Great point about backup. . . I personally would trust the automatic process as far as I could throw it. While asleep. With my arms bound.

The part about “don’t turn it off while the expand is in progress” is especially scary.