WD My Cloud - Remote Sync

I will immensely benefit from a sync functionality across 2 WD My Cloud drives over the internet.

Currently, WD Sync only sync local PC folders with WD My Cloud but I have 2 WD My Cloud drives in two different locations that I will like to be synced.


Status: Acknowledged

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Thanks for your acknowledgement, Hamlet. I am in the same situation and am anxiously awaiting a way to accomplish this somehow.

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Hi Hamlet, I echo the need for this functionality. I have two WD My Cloud devices and currently unable to sync them automatically. Would be awesome if this something WD can release in the next version. Thanks.

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Hello Hamlet,

We just started using my cloud EX2100 in our office. We can successfully connect to it and synchronize files between our computers and my cloud device while at work (and in same network with the device). Nevertheless we have staff who work from different locations outside office. How can I set up the device so they can also synchronize remotely between their computers and the cloud device?

We all share one folder in the device where we save our work progress and we need to synchronize with this folder from everywhere.