Wd my cloud remote access

Hi all,

i have…Safari, mac osx 10.9.3, and wd my cloud. 

I cannot access my files remotely. As soon as I leave the office the shared drive dissapears, I can access files through the desktop app, but this is rubbish and is awkward for editing files. 

I have not completed the set up detailed in the manual - e.g logging onto wdmycloud.com and selecting shares and mapping drives because there is a java problem. 

Can anyone very simply answer the following; 

  1. If working correctly, does my cloud allow you to access and edit your files through looking at them in a drive or folder - e.g NOT using the My Cloud deskop app

  2. If so, is there a fix for this java issue ?

Appreciate comments as if its not going to wortk , its going back to the shop tomorrow and ill get a time capsual instead as this my cloud had been nothning but hassle since I got it

I can access the 

I am using both Windows 8.1 and OSX Mavericks to access remotely the NAS. On Mac, you need to use wd2go.com and the java applet to create a drive that behaves like a network drive in Finder.

 I am running the latest version of Java plugin with Safari. I get warnings that the application will run with unrestricted access (that’s OK), and that the websit is untrustred. Take a not of the https address you have there.

Add this address and the same address with the http:// to the security exceptions of the Java Plugin (in system preference).

Thanks for reply

That doesnt work, it just looks like this…

Check you safari plug in settings also. Safari preferences > Security > Java make sure the corresponding web site address as a “allow always”.

As you see the “do you wan to run this application”, verify the port numbers at the end of the deviceXXXXX.wd2go.com. There should be one for http and another one for https

Both addresses with the right port numbers need to be in the Java plugin exceptions.

On my mac, it takes a few seconds for the shares to appear. Clicking on the blank might help, I am not sure it matters.

Thanks again for reply.

Ive done all of that but still will not load. very frustrating.

What happens and what do you see if you click on Can’t see your shares?? Here is the page I am taken to.



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OK. Do you have the same issue if you use Firefox?

I get the same link to page you get. Ive installed the correct Mac java but still same problem

I do not have firefox, only Safari 

Is there any app (iOS or Windows or Android) that can access the NAS remotely?

Can you access it normally on your local network?

It works on my iphone 

And I can access it when i’m at home off my macbook and PC

I am running out of ideas. Everything is working great on my Mac Maveriicks+Safari with the settings I shared with you. Security software interfering?

If I were you, I would install Firefox on the Mac and see if it works better.  

Ok, thanks for taking the time to try to help

Is anyone else having a problem connecting remotely?  I’ve had my 2TB WD My Cloud set up for a month with no issues connectly remotely, and now all of a sudden I can’t connect via the WD Desktop app on my computer and my Iphone.

EDIT:  So about 5 mintues after posting this, all I did was go to the dashboard, “Settings”, “General”, “Cloud Access”, “Configure” and just saved the same exact settings (didn’t change anything).  Now all of a sudden it’s working on the Iphone. 

I’ll tell you what this thing can be a little bit of a PITA! 

Wow, same problems again.  This thing is really a [Deleted].  It’s supposed to be easy right?  Something for non-IT professionals?  This things [Deleted].