Wd my cloud pr4100

Hi Wd team! I had recently unboxed Wd my cloud p4100 diskless, wanted to know if I can use two 6tb and two 3tb to utilize all four bays? If so, which type of raid will I use ? Thanks for help

Start with an understanding of Raid. A random link to Wikipedia


Most 4 bay raid configurations require the drives to be the same size. (OR - - > you use the 6TB drives as 3TB drives).

Option 1: Raid 1: Create two volumes (i.e. shows up as two shares on your network): One will be 6TB; the other 3TB. Drives within the volume are mirrors; providing redundancy.

Option 2: You can use Raid 0: This will give you 1 12TB volume and 1 6TB volume. This is a terrible option in a home setting - - → Failure of one drive will nuke the entire volume.

Option 3: You can use JBOD: You get 4 volumes. (Each disk is basically a standalone share/volume).


My advice: Get 2 more 6 TB drives; and create a proper Raid 5 array. This will produce a single 18TB volume; with fault tolerance for one drive.

With out buying two more drives; I would probably set it up as a pair of Raid 1 volumes.

NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO - - → Make sure you have a backup off of the NAS.


Thanks for the positive reply… will choose raid 1

Afzal Hamza