WD My Cloud PR4100 | Slow speed from outside our network

Hi everyone, first post here.

We’re facing a real annoying issue at the office. We have this device, WD My Cloud PR4100, and it was working just fine, nothing special.

But, suddendly, it stopped working fine from OUTSIDE our local network. I mean, inside our local network, it works fine, we can upload and download files at a normal speed, but when we send links to our clients so they can download the files, their download speed is only about 100-200kbps. Sometimes it starts at full speed and after a few seconds or minutes, it goes back again to 100kbps, and this makes this device almost useless.

We tried performing the 40 seconds reset, and calling our ISP, and they told us they found the error and solved it, made I don’t know what to our router, but it’s still the same.

We don’t know what to do and we really need this solved, have anyone of you faced this problem and how to fix it? I’ve been searching for days for a solution over and over again and I don’t find anything.

Please, if you know what’s happening, tell me something, thank you from Spain!

Hi @Adriantu,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Sounds like external network issue.

Run a speed test (speedtest.net) on your network. . . .and check what the upload speed is.