WD My Cloud PR4100 - My Conclusion

I’ve owned the My Cloud PR4100 for a little more than 7 months, and it has been little more than a HUGE disappointment.

In fact, after careful consideration, I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that no NAS manufacturer offers the basic and reliable NAS functionality that I require, at least none that I’ve tried. Seriously, what’s so hard about providing network attached storage that is both affordable and reliable? No cloud, no confusing RAID options , no useless and/or broken apps, no hidden files (especially Mac garbage), and no privacy invading nonsense.

Having tried offerings from Western Digital, QNAP, Synology, and a few others… I now believe that DIY is the only viable solution. This will give me FULL CONTROL of the NAS, with the ability to install any desired operating system on an internal SSD and update it as I see fit.

For some time, I seriously considered the possibility of modifying the firmware of the WD My Cloud PR4100 NAS to make it more useful, but frankly… it’s simply not worth the trouble. For the time being I’m stuck with the PR4100, so I may still tinker with the firmware, but as for considering it anything but a very expensive “project”… I’m done.

With regard to the specific reasons why I do not like the Western Digital My Cloud PR4100 NAS, here are a few…